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Welcome to my AO Soldiers Guide.
It's good to see lots of you coming and thanks to those who are giving me some feedback :) Time is moving on for me, so i'm just going to say come back soon, more to be added but help always needed!
Big things are happening though now, i have some big plans for this site before the summer arrives, so please visit often and try to provide the answers i ask for help on! Thank you :)
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Katelin "Frekkle" Tompon
Breed: Solitus
Profession Title: Soldier
Level: 119
Alignment: Clan
Org: Black Orchid
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Site News - Tuesday 25th April 2006
Hello All!
Just thought i'm come along here and update you with things.
I've been playing a bit recently and started to get my head around this whole SL and AI thing (any orgs doing AI raids let me know please) and so it looks like i'll be playing more in the coming months, except to say that i'm also busy doing something else...
'Something else?' you ask
Yes :) I've been working on my updated site :) It's coming along nicely and now i'm just wondering if i should buy a domain name and host it there :)
Things are looking good with it and my fellow org members have been giving it a test and have given me the thumbs up :) So fingers crossed and it should be ready in time for summer here.
Anyways i'll leave it at that and get back to designing the new Nano's pages...
Big Hugs to you all!
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